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Auto Halver
Series - FC15 & FC17

The FliteFeeder Auto Halver accurately feeds, positions and center cuts oversized potatoes. This reduction in size allows the halved potatoes to fit the Urschel CC Slicer or provide for smaller chips. One knife per lane for center cutting. Accurate feeding is accomplished with the use of indexing flights and a series of rejecting flights, insuring only one potato per pocket, is fed to a knife. Excess product is rejected backward in the machine for refeeding without loss of production. The knives have integral tabs to prevent potatoes from sticking to them. The knife assembly is attached to the upper carrier using a single precision ground bar. Knives can be readily replaced or adjusted by loosening a set screw. The air actuated paddles have a stainless gripping surface to prevent product shifting. All paddles and the actuating mechanism are mounted on a single, easy to remove flight. Dual filters, regulator and valving are mounted in a stainless steel NEMA 4 box.

    FC15, Up to 5" dia x 9" length.
    FC17, Up to 4" dia. x 7" length.
    3,4, & 5 Lane models.
    Accurate centering & cutting.
    Quick change knives.
    Excess feed adjustment.

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