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Models - FF1, FF2, FF3, FF4 & FF5

FliteFeeders are designed to supply a consistent flow of product spread across the width of the flights. With each stroke it can either precision feed a single row of aligned product with a diameter range of 1/2" to 5", or bulk feed product with a diameter range of 3/8" to 2".

    All stainless steel, sanitary construction.
    Available in several sizes.
    Highest quality; easiest to install and maintain.
    Many options are available.

FliteFeeder with
Trough Belt

A FliteFeeder/Trough Belt combination converts the output to a single row of product for feeding slicers. Two pair of belts causes product separation

For more details see Trough Belts.

    Mounts to the FliteFeeder for positive alignment.
    Bolts to slicer, insuring product alignment
    Highest quality; easy to install and maintain

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